Year 2 Story Teller Workshop: ‘The Four Magic Gifts’

We listened enraptured to another amazing adventure story, told by Kevin the story teller.

We learnt that there were four children who went on an adventure to find a way to help their poor father get some money together, so that they could eat some food.

Individually they all met a stranger, who gave them each a ‘gift’; one was a magic mirror that could help you see an item that you had lost, a bow and arrow, which could go anymore that it was fired to go, a pair of gloves that would make the person who wore them invisible and a needle and thread that could fix anything from a piece of clothing, to a broken roof or broken arm! The boys were then told that the King’s daughter, the princess, had been stolen and taken somewhere by an evil dragon.

The boys had to work hard in pairs to invent their own ending about how they would retrieve the princess using their special gifts.

Kevin then told us the story ending - not to give too much away, but the father became richer beyond his wildest dreams!

Mrs Khan

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