Trip to Kingston Synagogue

As part of our RE studies, the Year Two boys visited Kingston Synagogue on 8th June to experience some of the customs and symbolic artefacts of Judaism.

The boys listened attentively to the story of how Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. They were then able to taste some Matzah and understand the symbolism of this custom. We enjoyed an interesting discussion on Shabbat and how Jewish families celebrate this time. Some boys were surprised to hear that no electronic equipment should be used at this time, including phones, tablets and game stations.

After seeing the Ark and the scrolls it contained, they were very interested to see a prayer book written in Hebrew and to experience at first hand a piece of text that reads from right to left. Finally, they were given the opportunity to try wearing a Tallit and Kippah.

It was a really informative and enjoyable trip and the boys, as always, were congratulated on their polite behaviour by the staff at the Synagogue.

Mrs Crabtree

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