PGL Trip

On Friday 6th of May Year 2 boys went to PGL Hindhead.

We went to PGL Hindhead, Marchants Hill on Friday 6th May with Year Two and the teachers.  We travelled by coach and it took about an hour.  We went to learn about teamwork.

First we went on the giant swing.  It was awesome!  You had to wear a harness so that you wouldn’t fall.

Then we played team games.  First we played chaos tag. This game was a little bit like IT except everyone could tag everyone.  If you got tagged you had to sit down until the person who tagged you got tagged himself.  Then we played splat.  I was the last splat master so I got to play a special last round in the game.  After that we played ultimate frisbee.  To score you had to catch your Frisbee in area at the opposite end of the pitch. My team won!

In the afternoon we did Survival.  You had to make a tent/den/shelter out of a sheet, branches and ropes (my team didn’t use ropes).  Soon after, we had to make a fire out of flint and steel.  It was really fun!

Finally we did Low Ropes.  It was my favourite course.  You had to balance on ropes and wood. I really like being a ninja squirrel.

Then we went back to school.  I almost fell asleep.  My favourite course was the Low Ropes because it was fun. I even lost my fear of heights!

Xavier Critchlow - 2AR

Friday 6th May was a beautiful, steaming hot and sunny day. When we arrived at PGL there was a wood all around us and I was very excited. All of Year Two wanted to go to the giant swing!

First the Lions, that was my group name and the Dream Team played team games. It was great fun. First we played Chaos tag, the next game was Ultimate Frisbee then we played Splat. Splat was very confusing.

After team games the Lions went to the Giant Swing. On the way we sang a song. When we arrived we got our gear on. This was a safety hat, harness and top harness. Then we got into pairs; I had Aarav for my partner. All the pairs went on the giant swing and each time the other boys had to pull on a black rope. Then it was our turn. Aarav and I got on the Giant Swing. I was very nervous, it was hard to breathe and when we were at the top it felt like the wind was going in the wrong direction. Afterwards I was relieved and wanted to go on it again.

Later the Lions had Survival Skills and when we arrived we played Ninja Squirrels. After that we played 20, 15, 10. When the man said 20 we had 20 seconds to come out of hiding and clap the man’s hand. After that the Lions gathered around a camp fire and Taylor and Holly got us into groups. Each group had to make a tent to survive in and Taylor had to be able to fit in the tent. Next the Lions had to make a fire.

Our final activity was the Low Ropes which was fun. I had three people in my group. We had to try and stay on the ropes. The second course was hard and we fell off when we were trying to cross between the trees. Luckily the ground wasn’t far away! You had to trust your team mates to catch you if you fell.

I had the best day ever because the Giant Swing is fun and scary at the same time. My favourite activity was Survival Skills because the Lions built a tiny protective shelter. Taylor said it was a very good shelter for tiny people. If we ever went again I would do the Giant Swing millions of times!

Edward Lyons - 2LC

On Friday 6th May Year Two went to PGL at Marchants Hill in Hindhead. We travelled by coach to PGL and we called our team “Rockers”. When we arrived we got off the bus.

Our first activity was Giant Swing and I went to the top. My partner was Xavier. We pulled the rope and we went down very fast. It was a bit of a shock! Next we did team games and we played Splat. I learnt to be a good team mate to people.

At lunchtime we ate yummy food which was burgers and chips. In the afternoon we did Survival Skills and we built a shelter. We used flint and steel to make fire. After that we did Low Ropes and we learnt how to be a ninja Squirrel and helped people to balance on the ropes.

On the coach home I slept. My favourite part of the day was the Giant Swing because I went very high, nearly to the top. I had the best day of my life at PGL.

Alexander Mattson - 2ED

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