Seaside Workshop

On 16th May the Year 1 boys enjoyed an exciting and stimulating day of hands on activities to enhance their understanding of the Victorian Seaside.

They began by sampling a range of seaside activities such as making postcards, decorating mugs, making miniature sailing boats, using shells to decorate small boxes and dressing up in Victorian beach clothing. When they returned to Orchard Hall in the afternoon, they found it set up as an old fashioned pier with amusement stalls for them to spend their old pennies (1d) on.

Boys took turns at ‘barking’, they all enjoyed encouraging others to come to their stalls to spend their pennies. The stalls included roll the penny, hook a duck, build a sandcastle, a fish and chips stall, buy a souvenir and a very popular café in which boys could relax and be served tea and cakes in silver service style with a Squirrels twist! Everyone had a fantastic day and learnt a huge amount about the British seaside in the past.

Thank you to our parent helpers for their enthusiastic and creative involvement.

Mrs Dodd

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