The end of the summer term means that a full school year at Squirrels has gone already! What a privilege it is to know all of your lovely sons and to introduce them to my native language!

In addition to learning how to speak French this term, the boys have studied the country and culture of France. They have compared and contrasted lifestyles in France to that of Britain and also developed a better understanding of how much of the English language stems from the French. For example, did you know that the origin of the word “biscuit” is French (“biscuit” in old French meaning twice baked…)?

Our main topics were learning about food and holidays. Our other big focus has been the Football EURO 2016 tournament, which gave us a fantastic opportunity to improve our intercultural knowledge about France. The boys found it fun to look at a map of France and spot the football venues, whether it was Bordeaux, Paris or Marseille!

The books in the library are proving a success and a lot of boys are interested. The Year 2 French Club has been full of fun and laughter in our outdoor classroom. We have made excellent progress through lots of interaction and games!

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very warm “Bonne chance” to our Year 2 Leavers. Remember to take your French wherever you are going next! Whether in your new school or your future life (or both) there is always an opportunity to speak more than one language!

“Bonnes Vacances a tous!”

Madame Wilson

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