Please Don’t Squish Me! - RJD

On Thursday 28th April, RJD entertained the school with their delightful performance of Please Don’t Squish Me.

The boys had helped create the script by adapting a story they love and turning it into a rhyming poem about minibeasts. Each group made up their own actions and performed We’re Going on a Bug Hunt with superb expression.

The class loved learning the wonderful songs. Mr Appleby wrote beautiful music to accompany the poem At the Bottom of Your Garden and the song, Please Don’t Squish Me, provided an important message for the whole school: don’t prod or poke minibeasts!

RJD thought it would be a good idea to think about situations that ‘bug’ them and they shared their great ideas of what to do in difficult situations. We were all reminded to be kind and gentle to minibeasts and to each other.

RJD worked incredibly hard to learn the poem, songs and lines, and everyone performed with great animation and sparkle on the day.  The class made their teachers and parents extremely proud.  Well done RJD!

Miss Dennis

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