A rootin’, tootin’, water pistol shootin’, tale from the Wild West!

On Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th June all the boys in Year 2 performed their end of year musical, ‘Ye-Ha!’, written by Craig Hawes and adapted for WCPS by Miss Darby.

As a school staff we are all so proud of the boys.  They have worked very hard to learn their lines and remember their cues. They listened carefully to direction from all the teachers.  They quickly learnt all the song lyrics by heart and managed to sing confidently at the same time as handling some complicated choreography! Every boy performed with enthusiasm and brought their character to life on stage. Additionally, the transitions between scenes were seamless and they worked confidently with all the props.

Our audiences seemed to enjoy it too with lots of laughter at the jokes and foot tapping along to the songs. It was fantastic to be able to take advantage of the piano. Thank you to Mr Appleby for his invaluable guidance with the songs and lively piano playing, which really allowed the boys to perform with confidence, energy and enthusiasm.

We would like to thank all the parents for supporting the boys with learning their words at home, providing the amazing costumes that helped the boys act in their roles so fervently, and coming to watch their boys on the day. Special thanks to all the parents who came to help with face painting.

Huge thanks must go to Mrs Collins for her incredible efforts painting the scenery and creating the props. Thanks must also go to Miss Rance, Miss Dennis, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Thom for supporting the boys through their rehearsals, for all their help behind the scenes and for adding a touch of ‘Wild West’ magic by decorating the hall so beautifully.

We are certainly very proud of our wonderful little actors and hope that they continue to enjoy performing on stage in the future.

Miss Darby

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