PGL Trip

The thoughts of five Year 2 boys who went on this summer's PGL trip.

On Friday 15th May 2015 Year 2 went on a school trip to the PGL centre in Hindhead.  We got on the coach and on the way we had to go through the longest tunnel in the UK.  When we got there we went to the toilet and then got into our groups.  My group was called the Rattle Snakes! 

Oliver Dennington

My first activity was the Low Ropes.  The Low Ropes are an obstacle course 1 metre above the ground and needs teamwork.  We were taught a Ninja Squirrel position which is where your hands are in front of you and one of your feet is behind the other foot.  We were also taught a helpful move called the Fist of Friendship.  It is when you put your fist out and the person on the rope holds onto it to help them balance.  It was very hard but these positions helped and we carefully completed the low rope obstacle course.

Edward Pedropillai

The Giant Swing was enormous.  At first I was scared.  I watched all the other children and learned how amazing it was.  Soon it was my turn. Everyone pulled me and Bryn up and then they let us go.  Bryn pulled some string and then we came whizzing down as fast as a rocket. 

Alp Ciceksever

Finally we did an activity called Survival. It was fun. In Survival we made a tent with tarpaulin and ropes and our tent was the best tent. After that we made a filter that turned dirty water into shiny water. We used leaves, moss and tiny sticks and stones. The stones were colourful and some of them were orange, others were yellow and most of them were grey. Next we made a fire. We piled sticks up and put stones all around it.

Felix Gerlach

Next we had lunch. It was very yummy and I chose multi-coloured pasta, rice, banana, an apple and some garlic bread. After we were done we chatted for about 25 minutes ‘til we had to go back for more fun activities.

Nicholas Vital

I enjoyed the Low Ropes the most because I like swinging rapidly on the rope.  I learnt to always work as a team especially on the Low Ropes because we could fall off and hurt ourselves badly without teamwork.  I really enjoyed the trip to PGL.  It has been my favourite trip during my whole time at Squirrels.

Rafael Aram

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