Kingston Synagogue

This term Year 2 boys visited Kingston Synagogue.


We went on a school trip to a Synagogue today. At 9:30am we left on a coach from our school. It took us 30 minutes to get there.

First, we went in a gigantic room. We met a lady who gave an interesting speech about Judaism and Jewish people.  Secondly, an old man came and talked about why we light two special candles. Third, we looked at the Torah scroll. We were allowed to lift one and it was very heavy! To read the Torah, you use a Yad.  After that, we looked at a special plate which Jewish people use to celebrate a special time called Passover.

I enjoyed learning about the Synagogue.  It was a wonderful trip and I wish I could go there again!

Vidwat Singh


On 10th June 2015, the whole of Year 2 went to the Kingston Synagogue.  We went there because our RE topic is Places of Worship.

First we got on the big coach.  I was partners with Jin-Soo on the coach.  It took us about 30 minutes to get to the Synagogue.  When we got there I was very excited.

In the morning a lady was telling us about the Synagogue and some special features.  She showed us the Ark, behind it was the Torah Scroll.  They did not just have one, there were six!  Above the Ark was the Eternal Light which stays on for as long as you want.

Next we went to a younger man.  He was telling us that the Torah is made from parchment.  He also told us that the language the Torah is written in is Hebrew.  They write their language from right to left.  They have to touch the Torah with a Yad because you cannot touch it with your hands.  He let us all touch the torn page of the Torah.

After that an old lady told us the story of Passover.  Then she told us about Matzah bread. The Israelites were baking bread and then the Pharaoh told them to leave Egypt.  They didn’t have time to finish baking the bread.  They hoped that it would rise because the sun was so hot.  We got to try some of the bread!

Finally we went to an old man who told us about Shabbat.  He said they had to do all the cooking before Saturday.  You can also have to have a bath and brush your teeth first thing Saturday morning.  Next you have to light one candle for each of the people in the house.  The youngest boy also reads out four questions.  They sometimes invite friends over.

At the end of the trip I felt I had learnt a lot about Judaism.  Then we got on the coach and went back to school.

Veer Venkatesam


On Wednesday 10th June 2015 Year 2 went on a very exciting trip to Kingston Synagogue.  It took quite a while to get to the Synagogue!  The reason we were going to this place is because we were researching about Jews who are a group of people in the same religion.

When Year 2 got there I spotted a Mezuzah.  A Mezuzah is a little box with a message saying God is always with them.  When we got in, it was extremely quiet.

There, we saw a kind Rabbi.  A Rabbi is a person that is like the minister of the Synagogue.  She told us what the Ark was.  The Ark was where all the Torah scrolls were.  A Torah is the Jewish bible.

We then went with another woman.  She told us about the story of Passover.  This story is about the Israelites escaping from Egypt.  You may have heard of this!  Then we tried some Matzah.  Matzah is the bread that Israelites took with them.  It is told that the sun baked it!  It tastes a bit like crackers!

Next we saw a smart man who took us to talk about Shabbat (Sabbath).  That is the Jewish day of rest (a bit like our Sundays!)  It starts on Friday (sunset) to Saturday (sunset).  We then smelled some sweet spices.  They smelled a bit like ginger!  It was amazing!

We then saw a man that taught us about the Torah scroll.  He said that if we opened it up, it would be as long as a football pitch!  He also told us Jewish people read and write in Hebrew.  That is the religious language they read and write.

“Jewish people read backwards,” he said.

He then said that it was the end of our trip.  I learned a lot.  I learned about the Torah being as long as a football pitch!  I didn’t know that!  I enjoyed learning that the most.

Nikolas Andrijanovs

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