Summer Music

The boys have shown great enthusiasm for music at Squirrels over the past year and the level of musicianship among them is growing.

 Our mix of vocal and instrumental work in class meets their varying interests and this spills over into Choir and Instrumental music clubs which have healthy memberships.  The singing has progressed even since the Christmas Carols in Sacred Heart and many of the boys sing with a strong sense of commitment.  The choir has worked hard, and performed nicely at the Summer Fair.  I look forward to another super-choir next year.

As the recent concert showed, we have some exciting musical talent emerging among the boys and I am keen to encourage this and to inspire other boys to take up instrumnets, in or out of school.  The Strings Group teaching scheme has made a successful start this year, and we will be continuing this for next year’s Year Two, for both Violin and Cello.  If you know good teachers of other instruments in the area that you would like to recommend, please let me know so that I can pass them on to other interested parents.

I am grateful to parents for their support and encouragement for music making among the boys, and look forward to another exciting year of music making with them.

Frederick Appleby

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