Tate Modern Visit

Year 2 and 3 were very excited about their visit to Tate Modern to see the spectacular Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see so much of Matisse’s work in one place. We saw a dazzling array of paintings, cut-outs and stained-glass made between 1936 and 1954. Our favourites included dancers, animals, circus scenes and even a famous snail! We also enjoyed exploring the gallery and finding masterpieces by Jackson Pollock, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso.

Year 2 and 3 then researched Matisse at home and made interesting fact files about the artist who invented a new medium by ‘drawing with scissors’.

Miss Dennis

Matisse – The Cut-Outs

On Friday 16th May, we went to the Tate Modern museum. Many famous paintings by Matisse were at the exhibition. We saw the ballet dancers and the painting of the beast with a read eye.
Matisse’s paintings made me feel very hungry because lots of the pictures had fruit in them!

Michael Le Roux (2JD)

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