Parents Get Lost (PGL)

One bright sunny day year 2 and 3 went to PGL for a school trip. We were so excited and could not wait to get there.

We participated in three activities called survivor, giant swing and low ropes. The activity I enjoyed the most was the giant swing. My partner and I were attached on a rope while our friends pulled a rope and we went higher and higher. I felt like I was sitting on an aeroplane that was taking off. It was fun and exciting. From this activity I learnt to work as a team.

Yusuf Fazlanie (2ED)

My favourite memory of our school trip to PGL is the Giant swing.

The first time I went on it was so much fun, I couldn’t believe the whoosh and fun of it. It was exhilarating! It was like you were flying, like a graceful bird floating through the sky.

On the giant swing your heart pumped faster and faster until it was faster than sound! You pulled and pulled with great strength to pull the swing up to a high height. The powerful whoosh as fast as a train or a car, as high as a mountain… you may feel frightened and sacred but you still go on floating through the floating sky.

Air crashes towards you forcing you back, while beautiful clouds pass by like thunder bolts.

My second favourite memory was when we went on an assault course of low ropes and obstacles. I liked the way we worked as a team and how much effort it needed to stay on.

It was a great day and I will remember it for ever …

Johnny Slimmon (Year 3)

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