Kingston Synagogue Visit

During the Summer Term Year 2 and Year 3 carried out an in depth study of Judaism and the Synagogue.

On Monday 23rd June 2014 we visited Kingston Synagogue to learn more about this special place of worship. We met Rabbi Landau and his helpers, Dr Lyons and Mrs Popper. The Rabbi introduced us to the main features of the Synagogue, such as the Ark, the Torah scrolls, the Ten Commandments and the Eternal Light.

We were divided into smaller groups for three different activities. One of the activities was about Shabbat, the Jewish day of rest. The boys were surprised to learn that there are certain foods that Jews are not allowed to eat. For example, after a roast dinner Jews are not allowed to eat any food products that contain milk. This means they have to wait three or more hours to have their pudding!

Another activity was learning more about the Torah Scrolls. The boys had a close look at the scrolls and handled parchment and a pointer called a ‘Yad’. It was amazing to hear the Torah being read in Hebrew! The final activity was about the Jewish festival of Passover. The boys were fascinated with the story of the Israelite slaves escaping from Egypt. They all enjoyed tasting Matzah too!

The boys all thoroughly enjoyed the visit and gained so much from seeing the features that we had explored in books and on presentations in the classroom brought to real life. The Rabbi was very impressed with the knowledge that the boys brought with them from their learning back in class.

It was a privilege to visit this holy place and have access to such sacred artefacts. I would like to say thank you to the boys for their impeccable behaviour on the trip. They were a real credit to our school.
Miss Darby

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