Headteachers for the Day

On Thursday 1st May I was very excited to be head teacher of Squirrels for the day.

First, I took assembly with Mrs. Buck assisting me. It turned out to be an exciting assembly where I gave a big cheque and a little cheque to a lady from Winston’s Wish.

However, I soon had to get tough because both Mr. McInnes and Mr. Morrison were causing trouble. I even had to speak to Mr. McInnes’ mum on the phone recommending an early bedtime for him!

My next stop was to visit KCS where I got to see the new chapel, have lunch in the canteen and meet with Mr. Jones. It was an important meeting where we reviewed possible candidates for a new school football coach. We had lots of applications to choose from, Jose Mario, Ripamonti, Brendan Rogers, Arsene Wenger, but none of them looked suitable. Mr. Jones told me he supported Liverpool.

Back at Squirrels, I had a break from all the head teacher jobs and played some cricket with my friends.

At the end of my busy day I got to take home a big Squirrel cake and my Head Teacher Contract. I really enjoyed being called “Mr. Evans” for the day and think Mrs. Buck has the best job in the world!

Mr E


On Thursday 12th June I was head teacher at WCPS for one day! I came to school early to check how things were, whilst checking my emails I saw a message from school council asking to create a quiet reading area, I agreed and we moved the bench immediately to Orchard Hall gardens.

Then I opened the gate to let the parents in for RHC assembly, I then introduced the assembly. I felt very nervous!

After an exciting assembly I brought it to a close. After that I closed the school gate. When I got back to my office I did some lesson observations, I also assisted in a sports lesson, supporting other boys learning Javelin skills. After I went to sign my one day contract.

At lunchtime I went to Kings and that was very tasty. I then had a meeting with Dr. Silverlock which was very fun and thrilling. We discussed school matters!

When I got back to school I observed some more lessons in year 1, 2 and 3, I loved looking at different classes and overall I thought teaching was excellent and boys’ listening was fantastic.

Finally I presented a World cup assembly to the whole school where I showed great moments from world cup matches and at the end presented achievement awards to the teaching staff. I loved it, it was an exhilarating day!

Having considered the question ‘Would you like to work as a head teacher?’ …No although it was great for a day I would rather be a banker, an inventor or a football player so that I can fulfill my dreams.

Mr B

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