Headteacher's Message

As the academic year draws to a close, it gives me the opportunity to reflect not only on our achievements as a school community but also on the boy’s individual successes.

We have had a marvellously exciting and challenging year. High academic standards have been accomplished through a broad choice of curriculum, sporting, artistic and social events, all of which you are about to enjoy in this newsletter.

Thank you also to you as parents, as I feel very privileged to have had the enthusiastic and unstinting support so willingly given throughout the year. We would like to say goodbye to our Year 2 and finally to Year 3 boys. I wish them a happy transition to their new schools and hope we will see them again as an ex Squirrel. We will of course miss them enormously.

Thank you also to Miss Gardner who leaves us to take up her duties at another school and farewell to Mr McInnes who is going onto teacher training college. We wish them both all the best for the future.

Mrs Dodd will be with us for the first few weeks of term before her baby is due in early October. Whilst Mrs Dodd is away on maternity leave, we warmly welcome Miss Alison Rance who will be covering the Year 2 class for the academic year.
Mr Kieran Wright takes over from Sean McInnes in the PE department and Mrs Catherine McKeon joins us as an extra Learning Support Assistant in the EYFS department. We also welcome Mrs Victoria Silverlock who joins us to start teaching French across the school.

I am delighted to announce that Mrs Laura Crabtree has been appointed as Head of Key Stage 1 for the academicy ear so as such will lead both Year 1 and Year 2.

Congratulations to all as we appreciate everything that has been achieved for us.

I send my best wishes and I hope you have a very happy holiday.

We look forward to seeing you next term.

Mrs Buck

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