Trip to Alice Holt Forest

On Monday we went to Alice Holt. When we got there we sat down in a classroom and Jackie and Jane our (forestry commission) teachers split us into two groups.

Then my teacher took us to play a game. In the game all of us were seeds, we needed to get cards to grow into a tree but if we got caught by an ani-mal we were out. Next we each got a pine cone. After we got them our teacher told us a pine cone story.

Then we had lunch. After that we went to a huge playground and I played on a really big pirate ship and I slid down a silver pole.

Next we found lots of leaves that were different shapes and sizes. After that my group went into a light part of the forest, there we did a mini beast hunt. I found two woodlice and a fly.

Next we went to a dark part of the woods and everyone had to be a differ-ent part of a tree. It was a really fun day.

Dylan Stacey 1H

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