2K Assembly

On Thursday 9th February, 2K’s assembly on ‘Keeping safe on the internet’ provided lots of key messages for the boys and adults to follow! They did this through their safety internet poem, for example by always using a ‘nonsense name’ instead of your true identity when surfing the web.

The ‘Super SMART heroes’ outlined and explained the SMART rules, which stand for Safe, Meet, Accept, Reliable and Tell.

The boys enjoyed sharing information on the various apps we use nowadays and how to be safe when using them, for example with Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Facetime and Skype.

The boys eagerly performed their ‘Stay safe on the internet’ song, making sure each and every word could be heard and each action could be seen.

We are all so proud of you; you all spoke loudly and clearly. Well done 2K!

Mrs Khan

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