Science Museum Trip

On the 26TH January 2017, the whole of Year 1 visited the Science Museum in South Kensington.

We were so excited as we had been learning lots about ‘Materials’ in our Science lessons. The Materials gallery was filled with lots of information and a sample of every material you could think of! We were allowed to touch them and thought of properties to describe them such as rough, flexible, rigid and transparent.

We also visited the ‘Garden’ which was in fact indoors. It had a range of interactive sensory activities such as distorted mirrors, sound pipes and a water exploration unit which the boys used to experiment with boats, water levels and dams. Despite the aprons, we left with quite wet clothes! Another area we explored was the ‘Pattern Pod’ in which we made our own different types of patterns using sounds, colours, movement and even animal footprints.

The highlight of our visit was seeing the very Spacecraft that Tim Peake travelled in on his journey back to Earth from Space! It was the first day that anyone had seen the display and there were news crews filming it which was very exciting.

Thank you very much to our parent volunteers. The boys were extremely well behaved during our trip and were great ambassadors for our school. Hopefully it has inspired some budding scientists and astronauts of the future!

Miss Cave

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