The Big Drip

On the 17H March 2017, Year 1 and Year 2 watched a fun-filled Science show called ‘The Big Drip’. It was performed by Quantum Theatre and we were very lucky that they brought their entire set to Orchard hall!

The show was about detectives who had to follow clues to uncover the theft of special water in a lemonade factory. We discovered that the culprits were two brothers who stole the mixture to freeze into lemon ice lollies they were launching.

Throughout the show we were thoroughly entertained with songs, comedy and lessons about materials which linked into the storyline. It was interactive and we had to use actions to identify properties of materials such as transparent – making glasses with our hands, and opaque – covering our eyes.   We also had actions for natural and man-made materials and were tested on these!

Some boys were invited to the stage to be particles and show us how they behaved depending on whether they were a solid, liquid or gas. Another boy was asked to help the scientist make pickled onion fairy cakes!

Thank you very much to the actors for putting on an excellent show and making it both fun and educational. The boys found it extremely funny and the jokes tickled the teachers too!

Miss Cave


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