Spring Music

The boys at Squirrels have worked hard in music lessons this term both in singing and instrumental work.

Reception have settled in well after their first term, and all the boys are learning to understand rhythm and pitch and to read and create their own melodies and rhythms.  More significantly, they are learning to respond to each other through conducting, and singing and playing in pairs; these are skills that professional musicians need, and watching the boys develop these skills at this early age is very rewarding.  

We have had some fine singing from Year Two in assemblies, and, shortly, Year One will perform their Spring Assembly.  

Next term we will hold a drum workshop for Years One and Two in May, and after half term, there will be Class Concerts for all the boys, and a School Concert for parents to attend. Meanwhile I would welcome more performances at Assembly from those boys with the confidence to do so in front of the whole school.

Frederick Appleby
(Head of Music)

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