Puzzle Challenge Day

On Friday 22nd January the whole school was treated to a very exciting visit from the Happy Puzzle Company.

This special Maths Day was filled with puzzles, games and challenges for all the boys no matter what their age or ability. The classes were divided into small groups and were set quickly to work in order to solve fun puzzles such as balancing twenty-four penguins on a wobbly iceberg or putting together a double sided jigsaw.

The boys learnt that the key ingredient to solving any problem was teamwork! They learnt to listen to all the ideas in their group and to test out each one systematically to bring the group closer to a solution.

In addition to the workshops taking place in Orchard Hall, there was a buzz of excitement around the school with Year 1 and Year 2 students completing a Mathematical Treasure Hunt. Once all the clues were solved, the boys converted the numbers into letters using a special code. All the letters put together created a special message for them to read. Well done to all the Maths Stars for completing this additional challenge!

The very busy Puzzle Shop after school was another success of the day. It was lovely to see how keen the boys were to bring their parents along to show them the activities they had been doing during the day and to purchase some new games to try out at home.

Thank you very much to the Friends of Squirrels who funded this fantastic event and also assisted with the purchase of some new games for each of the classrooms.

I hope that the boys will continue to apply the new skills they learnt throughout this special day, such as listening to others, sharing resources, explaining ideas and team working. These are important lessons; for Maths, for problem solving and for life.

Miss Darby

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