Spring Music

The boys have shown tremendous enthusiasm in music this term. The singing both in Class and Music assemblies is very exciting to hear, and has shown a great deal of school spirit.

A large number of boys are discovering their voices, in particular, the higher register, and I am delighted with so many who have the confidence to sing solo.  I would like to see solo singing develop more and more.  Similarly the choir is the biggest it has been in the last two or three years, and the members have shown great commitment to their singing.   You will hear them at the Summer fair. 

On the instrumental front, the string teaching scheme has continued to flourish with a growing number of boys participating.  After half term, we held class concerts, and boys taking lessons both in and out of school were invited to perform to their classmates.  We will do this again next term and later hold a school concert for parents to hear the most confident performances.  Some real talent is beginning to emerge.

Well done, all of you, for an exciting term of music making.

Frederick Appleby

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