Trip to Kew Gardens

On Tuesday 3rd February, Year 1 visited Kew Gardens.

The boys have been learning about the Rainforest and they were very eager to get up close to the Rainforest plants growing at Kew.  After a snowy start, we arrived by coach at the Victoria Gate.  We then split into 2 groups so that the staff from Kew could explain to the boys in detail all about the different plants.  During the day, we visited the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the famous Palm House.  We were able to see lots of different plants and trees including the Banana Plant, the Cacao Tree, the Papaya Tree and a very tall Giant Bamboo plant.  The boys listened carefully to the information given and were very impressive at answering questions and demonstrating their own knowledge. 

 The boys particularly enjoyed visiting the indoor play area called Climbers and Creepers.  Here we were able to relax with our lunch, as well as have a good run around and climb on the play equipment.   All the boys enjoyed their visit to Kew and improved their understanding of how Rainforest plants grow.    

Thank you to all our parent volunteers who supported our trip and helped the boys to enjoy a lovely day. 

Miss Hanford

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