Mother’s Day Assembly

On Thursday 27th March, a very special day was celebrated by the boys in Year 1. All classes came together to say Happy Mother’s Day to our wonderful mums.

The Assembly was a mix of songs, poetry, readings and drama, all performed with confidence and enthusiasm. Year 1 had been working very hard to prepare for their performance - practising lines, painting Mum’s portrait, making her a posy of flowers and perfecting their singing.

The boys had even written poems about their mum and how much they love them. During the Assembly we heard information about Mother’s Day, songs about Super Mums and some very persuasive salesmen convinced us that Mums deserve to have a money tree, a washing up wand and a personal organiser.

The boys of Year 1 made a fabulous effort to entertain and impress their audience. It was a wonderful performance and the boys know they succeeded in making their mums very happy.

Well done Year 1 and Happy Mother’s Day!

Miss Hanford

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