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The Spring Term was full of sports action.

Squirrel’s Victorious at Year 2 Prospect House Tournament Friday 7th February

Rhys Evans, Yusuf Fazlanie, Kaan Urganci, James Snook, William Lord, Marcus Hill, Chinua and Chinonso Ogbunude, travelled to Prospect House at Goals, New Malden for a prestigious tournament involving 16 schools. The boys had been practising for weeks. As we were leaving Mrs Buck said “Bring back some silverware!”

After a nervous opening game the boys grew in confidence and finished in the top 2 of the “group of death” with Wetherby School, Finton House, Eridge House and ourselves all competing for a place in the Quarter-Finals. The boys followed up with comfortable wins in the Quarter-Final and Semi-Final to fully deserve a place in the Final against Finton House. It was set to be another tight game but this time Squirrels took the lead as James slotted the ball into the bottom corner.

William and Chinua passed the ball from the back, switching the play on numerous occasions and dealing with any danger with true courage and determination. With 20 seconds left on the clock Finton had a shot which deflected off a defender and ended up in the top corner, full time! Any normal group of 6/7 year old boys would have dropped their heads in disbelief; but not Squirrels boys! Extra time came and went without a goal and the winners were to be to be decided by penalties! Chinua and James scored their penalties with great skill and Marcus in goal made a magnificent save.

The last penalty was taken by Finton House and Marcus dived to his bottom right hand corner and pushed the ball away which meant that we were the Champions!

Year 2 vs Donhead Tag Rugby 10th February

Conditions weren’t ideal on the day making it hard to get to top speed and to catch the ball properly. However, Alexander V scored the try of the day as he picked the ball up in his own half, burst forward with an amazing turn of speed beating three Donhead defenders and side stepped the last one to break free and place the ball on the try line. This inspired his team who won the match comfortably by 3 tries.

Year 2 vs The Rowans Tag Rugby/ Uni-Hoc 28th February

George J had a brilliant day on both pitches. All the hard work he has put in over recent times showed rewards as he scored a couple of amazing solo tries to lead his team to victory on the Rugby pitch. George then backed this up on the hockey pitch as his dribbling ability and spatial awareness gave his team an outlet all the time for them to pass the ball to him and get the team moving forward.

1Y vs The Rowans 7th March

1Y played The Rowans at their school in a combined Uni-Hoc and Tag Rugby fixture. Harvey was the Uni-Hoc “Man of the Match”. Harvey’s one touch finishing and accuracy in front of the goal made it really difficult for the opposition defence and goalkeeper to stop him. He always seemed to be in the right place at the right time and it lead to him scoring an outstanding total of 4 goals!


RHC vs Donhead 21st January - 0-3 LOST, 2-1 WIN, 2-0 WIN, 1-1 DRAW

RMH vs Donhead 23rd January - 3-0 WIN, 2-3 Lost, 1-1 DRAW, 2-1 WIN

RJG & RHC vs The Rowans 14th March - 5-1 WIN, 2-2 DRAW, 3-2 WIN, 1-2 LOST, 2-1 WIN, 3-0 WIN 1-1 DRAW, 2-0 WIN

1H vs Donhead 3rd February - 35 – 25 WIN, 35 – 20 WIN, 25 – 25 DRAW, 20 – 20 DRAW

1C vs Donhead 7th February - 30-25 WIN, 20-20 DRAW, 25-20 WIN, 15-10 WIN

1C & 1Y Donhead 19th March - 25-15 WIN, 20-30 LOST, 25-25 DRAW, 35-30 WIN, 30-25 LOST, 40-30 WIN, 25-30 LOST, 25-15 WIN

Year 2 Prospect House Tournament 7th February - 1-1 DRAW, 2-0 WIN, 1-1 DRAW, 2-0 WIN, 5-0 WIN, 1-1 WIN (Squirrels won on Penalties)

2JD vs Donhead Tag Rugby 25th February - 30-15 WIN, 35-20 WIN , 20-15 WIN, 15-15 DRAW

Year 2 vs Rokeby Tag Rugby 5th March - 45-50 LOST, 45-35 WIN, 40-40 DRAW, 35-30 WIN, 35-30 LOST

2FD & 2JD vs Willington 18th March - 40-40 DRAW, 60-75 LOST, 50-20 WIN, 65-75 LOST, 80-75 WIN, 55-45 WIN

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