Year 2 Wetland Centre Trip

The trip to the Wetland Centre as described by the boys.

One early, bright and wonderful morning the whole of Year 2 visited the London Wetland Centre on a colossal, wide and quick coach.  We arrived at 9:45am, we got split into groups and my group was called Gulls.

Next we strolled joyfully to the courtyard.  We met a gentle woman called Kirsty and we made four important promises with her.  We went past some swans and ducks but the cute, brown otters were not there.

Later we had carrots and raisins for snack, they were scrumptious.     We excitedly sprinted to the awesome adventure playground.  I wanted to go on a giant slide but the time had run out.

Later that day we went to the Discovery Centre.   We got to play with water pistols and ball canons.  I was having so much fun!

After that I spotted Canada geese, moorhens, a male mallard and a black-headed gull with some binoculars.

After a while we had lunch.  I had pasta with stretchy squid, sausages and mushrooms.

Next we did pond dipping.  We learnt about animals that live in the pond and I was really interested.  We got to catch animals in the pond!  I only caught about 10 water mites which were very common.  I researched about my animal. 

Then we went back to school on the coach.  My favourite part of the day was pond dipping because I got to catch some animals.

Joonsung Lee 2L

On Wednesday Year two and I went to the London Wetland Centre.  My energetic body was full of excitement!

We got there by coach.  It had 70 big comfortable seats.  Its colour was white, bright and shiny green.

At last we were there.  We got sorted into our groups.  I was in Mrs Wang’s group.  I had Bruno, Jack, Jensen and Max with me.  They were my school friends.

In the morning I went to see the otters.  Unfortunately they were not there because they had moved somewhere else.

After that we went to the Discovery Centre.  I loved it! There were water pistols and lots of other things to play with like balls and Lego.  There was also a quiz.

Next we had snack.  There were juicy raisins and crunchy carrots.  It was scrumptious.  Soon we went to the excellent adventure playground.

Next we went bird watching.  We also used binoculars.  They first gave us a challenge.  We had to find out what animal we could see and what it said on the information card.

After that we wrote about a bird.  I loved the bird’s eye view.

Next we had lunch.  I had a delicious sandwich and also a waffle because it was my birthday.  I had turned 7!  Anyway as I was saying we had a delicious lunch.

After we went pond dipping.  I absolutely loved it!  We learnt about habitats.  Animals have to all live in suitable habitats.  We then went to the pond.

We tried to catch a few things.  I caught a tadpole, sea snail and a diving beetle.

Finally we were back.  I loved London Wetland Centre.  My favourite part of was pond dipping because I could learn and have fun!

Prabhath Perecheria 2J

One early Wednesday morning the whole of Year 2 went to the Wetland Centre in Barnes.  When I got there I was really excited.  Kirsty talked to us about what we needed to do to keep us safe and the animals.

Next we went in a cave and it showed us things.  There were fierce predators like sharks.  After that we went to the upstairs playground.  There were cannonballs we hit at weeds.  Then we went on a walk to the adventure playground.  First we had break.  I had raisins.  Then we could go in.  I played on the wibble wobble bridge.  It was awesome.  Then Mrs Logan blew the whistle.  A few minutes later we went to see Dim.

He taught us what we need to be able to live in a habitat.  We need food, water, oxygen and shelter.  Then we went pond dipping.  I found a scaly three-spined stickleback.  We all went back and looked through microscopes.  It made our three-spined stickleback look enormous.  We loved it.  After that it was lunch time.  I sat next to Theo and we talked about dinosaurs.  Later on in the day we went birdwatching and saw magnificent birds.

James Lazell 2S

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