Brilliant Brain Show

On Wednesday 4th November, Year 1 and Year 2 learnt lots of scientific facts while watching the Brilliant Brain show. James from the Look Out Discovery Centre visited us with all sorts of props which made the show completely interactive.

To understand the size of the brain, the boys were asked to make two fists and place them together on their head - a much smaller size than some of the guesses!

Each one of the five senses was discussed alongside a fun experiment to demonstrate that sometimes our brains can be tricked! There were some very strange looking goggles for ‘sight’,  which caused the boys who tried them on to completely lose their hand-eye co-ordination when throwing and catching, much to the hilarity of the audience!

There was also a memory test which involved the boys having to remember up to 10 items which was quite a challenge. The boys were asked to use their imagination and work as a team to draw a scientist.

James then explained that their drawings were stereotypes and in fact, scientists look very different to one another and can even be female!

The show ended with a series of optical illusions and a demonstration of how when the brain focuses on something it is very tricky to multitask. A group of people in white clothing were playing basketball and the boys were asked to watch them only…because they focused so well they did not notice a huge black gorilla creep in and join the game!

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the show and learnt that the brain is absolutely amazing. We would like to thank Friends of Squirrels for sponsoring the event. 

Miss Cave


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