Autumn French

Our Squirrels really enjoyed their first term of French!

The Year 1 and Year 2 boys have worked on a variety of topics and learning about the weather was by far their favourite! The boys can now use phrases such as “Il fait froid” (It is cold) and “Il pleut” (it is raining) fluently.

The boys were able to reflect about their past holidays in France and discuss the different climates and weather they experienced, depending on whether they went skiing in the Alps or to the beach in the summer time. They were able to say: “A Marseiile, il fait chaud mais dans les Alpes, il neige/il fait froid.” (In Marseille, it is hot but in the Alps, it snows/it is cold.”.

Our lovely Reception boys can now count to 10 and respond appropriately when asked the colour of items. They have also worked hard using the correct intonation in speaking activities. We realised that some words are very similar, such as bleu for blue…and that some are just the same, like orange and orange!! What an easy language to learn!

Lastly, the boys have practised hard and are aiming to impress by singing some French carols during our wonderful event at St Emmanuel’s church.

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee 2018!

Madame Wilson.


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