Mindfulness Seminar

On Wednesday 22nd November, Julie Johnson, a Mindfulness Practitioner and Educator and a leading provider of parenting workshops and courses, delivered a seminar to parents and carers on how best to support their boys in the lead up to the 7+ transfer exams.

Julie’s seminar provided excellent advice and guidance for parents and carers, a sample of which can be found below:

“Supporting our children through the transfer exams - The best way we can support our children through these exams is by living life as near normally as possible.  These exams are merely another milestone in their lives, if taken out of perspective children may develop a negative relationship with exams.”

  • Keys physical needs:
  • Good night’s sleep – bedroom an electronic free zone, especially at night. Ideally children should not study in their bedroom or the brain will associate the bedroom with being awake rather than sleep.
  • Good diet – the gut is the second brain, a good healthy balanced diet to feed this growing and working brain.
  • Movement – which a child enjoys doing: sport, cycling, swimming, trampoline, family walks etc. While studying, getting up every 30mins for a five-minute physical and mental break. Extraverts work best in the kitchen / dining room. Introverts will need a quieter environment.”

Remember – all they can do is their best – and what is important is that they get into the right school for them.”
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Julie has recommended the following resources:

Wellbeing - The Essential Guide to Your Child's Mental and Physical Health – available on Amazon, Waterstones (online) and www.theparentbrief.com 

TED Talks:
Kristen Neff – The space between self-esteem and self-compassion
Kelly McGonigal – How to make stress your friend
Russell Foster – Why do we sleep?

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