Year 2 Storytelling Workshop with Kevin Graal

On Monday 5th September, the boys and staff in year 2 were very fortunate to be treated to a whole day of storytelling with storyteller, Kevin Graal.

To begin with, the storyteller totally caught the boys’ attention with the rainbow bells, in which they had to focus really hard to see if he touched all the bells with his beater! The boys then enjoyed watching him tell the story of Grandmother Spider Brings the Sun, a folktale collected in North America by the Cherokee Indians, while he played the drums and used expressive voices. We learnt that the bald eagle and the possum both attempted to fetch the light from the sun, but both managed to burn their feathers and bristles off! So it was up to Grandmother Spider to see how she could catch some of the sun without burning herself.

The boys used drawing to record the main events of the story and invent their own ending with Grandmother Spider.

When the boys returned back to class they had to come up with ‘yummy adjectives and adverbs’ to fill the two layers of their spider burger.

The boys developed their story telling skills and use of story language through the game of Story Ping-Pong. From that, they were able to write their own endings and present them to the class.  

The boys had to then wait patiently until the end of the day before they found out how the story truly ended!

Our grateful thanks go to the Friends of Squirrels who sponsored this magical experience.

If you would like to find out more about Kevin and his storytelling, please visit his website at:

Mrs Khan

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