E-Safety Workshops

Kate Edwards from Childnet delivered a series of interesting and informative workshops about internet safety to the pupils, staff and parents on Wednesday 16th November.

In Reception, the boys enjoyed meeting Kate and hearing about Smartie the penguin, who had received a new tablet for his birthday. They were enthusiastic in suggesting responses to what Smartie should do if something strange or upsetting came up on the screen. The rhyme “When you tap and click …” helped them to remember the importance of speaking to an adult when their device does not do what it should.

The Year One boys were really well behaved when Kate came and spoke to them about being safe online.  In the discussion, Kate asked whether ‘Smartie the penguin’ should share his personal details with a ‘friend’ online, when playing games.  All the boys said “Absolutely not”.  They learnt about how to use a tablet or iPad responsibly.  It was a wonderful session, thoroughly enjoyed by the boys.  

In Year Two, the boys were enthusiastic about sharing their ideas about how to stay safe online.  They learnt to always ask a trusted grown up for help if they are ever unsure about something online, to not always trust what you read online and to never share personal information over the Internet. The boys took away the clear message, “Before you tap and click, you’ve got to stop and think and tell somebody.”

The staff enjoyed an extremely informative seminar with Kate discussing e-safety issues relevant to our school community.  Through the parent seminar, parents were equipped with the knowledge on how to protect their children online.   Kate gave lots of practical advice, further information about which can be found on the Childnet website www.childnet.com

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