London Wetland Centre

Year 2 enjoyed a really interesting visit to the London Wetland Centre in September.

We were delighted to receive a special letter and certificate from the centre staff informing them that they had been awarded ‘Class of the Month’ by the Wetland Centre’s Learning Team.

Dovile Lukoseviciute from the centre wrote: "The Year 2 groups from Wimbledon Common Prep School showed great enthusiasm for learning and demonstrated outstanding participation skills.  All groups were incredibly positive, polite, cooperative and organised.  The learning officers who led the sessions commented: “they were an absolute real breath of fresh air and a joy of pleasure to work with and to teach.  They had lots of good answers and great participations skills.”

Miss Dennis

Recount By Harvey Webber, 2JD

On Wednesday 24th September Year 2 went to the London Wetland Centre. At 9 o’clock we got on the big bus. After the long journey we arrived.

When we got out it was raining. First we went exploring in the adventure playground. After that we met the otters.  They were adorable.  Next they started to get in a fight. They were dancing around and chasing each other.

Then we met Victor who taught us about birds. We were learning about the bill.  We learnt that ducks need their bill for lots of things.  Soon we had lunch.  Then we went pond dipping.  We caught lots of interesting minibeasts.  Then I went to the gift shop and bought a chick that glowed. 

At last we got on the bus.  I enjoyed it and would like to go again!

Recount By Alfie Edmonson, 2AR

On Wednesday 24th September 2014 we went to the Wetland Centre. We travelled by coach. 

First a kind tour guide showed us where to put our bags. Then we had a little stroll through the Wetland Centre and had our snack.

After we had done that we played in the secret tunnels and on the zip wire.  Next we went to this fantastic gift shop and I got some sticky green goo and some wonderful stickers of pond animals.  Soon we saw lots of frogs, lily pads, fish and snails.  When we finished that we came into this amazing room where you could play games.

Then we went to the pond dipping session. This kind lady gave us a net for getting fish and my group found a three spined stickle back. After that we washed our hands and had lunch.  Next this man gave us a lot of knowledge and birds and ducks and we had a walk. On the way we also did a lot of duck illustrations. Then we headed back to school. I loved the trip because I love birds and ducks.

Recount By Leo Dickinson, 2ED

On Wednesday 24th September Year 2 went to the London Wetland Centre. It was raining to begin with but it soon stopped. We went to have our snack.  After snack we played in the playground.  We had a fun time in the tunnels.

When play time was finished we went to see the otters.  They were very funny and cute. We saw them playing a funny game. Then we went to see the ducks.  A man who was walking here told us about a kind of duck. Then we went to the Discovery Centre.  First we found out about how the duck survived in its habitat.  He gave us clues to write out.

After that we went for a walk through the Wetland. At one particular spot we stopped and had a go at sketching the ducks. After that we had lunch with our groups.  Then we went pond dipping. But before we went to the ponds we had a go at naming habitats.  After that we went to the shop.  I bought a spring and a bracelet. Then we went back to school.

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