Year 1 Assemblies

This term our Year 1 boys held a range of wonderful assemblies.


In October the boys from 1C entertained parents and the school with their retelling of ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. They had great fun learning and practising their lines as the stories by Julia Donaldson lend themselves well to chanting aloud. Well done to all the boys for delivering their words clearly and remembering their stage directions; especially clambering on and off the broom which became progressively more tricky each time!

Mrs Crabtree


In November, Class 1H performed their Assembly, ‘Houses and Homes’. The Assembly was a mix of information, poetry and song. The boys began with an explanation about differ-ent houses. The facts were relayed with clear voices and well illustrated by their paintings. This was followed by some performance poetry of The Three Little Pigs. The boys worked especially hard to follow the rhythm of the poem and to keep their voices together. Everyone agreed that there was no place like home. So, how to end an Assembly about Houses? There could only be one way and that was with a rousing rendition of Our House. Well done 1H.

Miss Hanford


The theme of 1Y class assembly this term was the Hin-du Festival of Light ‘Diwali’. All the boys performed fan-tastically; sharing facts about Diwali, showing their col-ourful Rangoli patterns, wonderful Divas and singing the ‘Diwali song’. The most exciting was of course the ‘Jai Ho’ Bollywood dance. The boys showed enthusiasm and had much fun learning the moves! A HUGE well done to 1Y!

Mrs Young

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